channel's categories, from music to news channels, from the longest-running to newly-opened ones.A search bar is also provided-for at the top-right part of our page if you are looking for something more specific.My goal is to hold highest the ideal of my undergraduate alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan University, ‘Quaecumquae sunt verae’ – ‘Whatsoever things are true’.Being beholden to nobody else’s budgets, perks, threats, or ideologies frees me to follow a story, and tell that story in a practical context, without fear or favor – a quality for which, fortunately for me, there has been no shortage of willing customers in my specialties. My professional activities consist of consulting work in spaceflight operations and safety for a number of US and foreign clients, and in parallel, my advisory work to my news media clients, particularly my main one, NBC-News.Player allows you to easily create digital signage displays that include multiple forms of interactive elements like photo slideshows, static/ticker text, feed text (e.g. weather forecasts), High Definition Videos and streamed webcam/live TV footage.

Since 2003 I’ve been the NBC News space consultant on all space-related issues: US, Russian, other foreign; past, present, and future; government, commercial, private, pirate; real, proposed, mythical, and fabricated; all angles to this topic. It’s not an encyclopedic explanation of the world’s space programs, more of a chronicle of what I’ve been writing and speaking about the subject for decades – which is almost but not entirely the same thing.I voluntarily resigned in 1997 and began full-time free-lance work.Since then I have had no formal relationship with NASA and have no obligation to any portions of their agenda (for most of my free-lance period the relationship with management has ranged from adversarial to wariness), but I still have lots of friends, old and new, within the organization and its contractor teams. I've observed and studied the Russian space program since it began, and learned Russian for that purpose.Initially I was a USAF officer on loan to NASA, but in 1978, in lieu of a transfer to Los Angeles, I resigned my commission and was offered a contractor slot with Mc Donnell Douglas preparing for the first space shuttle missions.When they lost out in the bidding competition in 1985, I smoothly transitioned to the contract winner, Rockwell, and subsequently to their wholly owned subsidiary, the ‘United Space Alliance’.

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