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Insert so the poles (i and j) match those in the remote ≥ Before using chemically treated cloth, carefully read the control. ∫ Clean the lens with the lens cleaner Lens cleaner: RP-CL720E ≥ This lens cleaner may not be available for sale in all U N E M P U - P O P T R A SCBTT755_350EBGN_VQT2W2年7月8日 木曜日 午後6時53分 Control reference guide 13 Remote control TV 1 VOL 1 Turn the unit on and off ( 21) AV 2 2 Display the Home screen of VIERA CAST ( 36) 3 Select title numbers, etc./Enter numbers or characters abc def 1 2 3 ( 36) VOL [CANCEL]: Cancel 14 ghi jkl mno 4 5 6 3 4 Basic playback control buttons ( 27) p w 5 Select preset radio stations ( 32) qrs tuv xyz 7 8 9 15 6 Show status messages ( 27) MUTE 7 Show Top Menu L R SCBTT755_350EBGN_VQT2W2年7月8日 木曜日 午後6時53分 Main unit (Front) 1 2 45 3 VOLUME OPEN/CLOSE i Pod Pull open.

SD CARD SELECTOR 67 8 9101112 13 1 Standby/on switch (Í/I) ( 21) 8 USB port ( 24) Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice 9 Display (FL display) versa.

  2 Select “DIGITAL IN” or “D-IN” as a source ( 25).

Insert the wire fully, 1 2 when making cable connections. Surround speaker [BTT350] FRONT Lch  r: White   s: Blue line A Speaker cable sticker (supplied) B Connector Speaker cable sticker Colour Push!

taking care not to insert beyond the wire insulation. 1 FRONT (L) WHITE 2 FRONT (R) RED SCBTT755_350EBGN_VQT2W23年7月8日 木曜日 午後6時53分 STEP 2: Positioning How you set up your speakers can affect the bass and the sound field.

SCBTT755_350EBGN_VQT2W2年7月8日 木曜日 午後6時53分Operating Instructions Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Sound System Model No.

SC-BTT755SC-BTT350The illustration shows the image of SC-BTT755 for Australia and New Zealand.

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[BTT755[for[Australia[and[New[Zealand] THIS PRODUCT UTILIZES A LASER. For wireless system USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR Product Identification Marking is located on the bottom of PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN the wireless system. How to replace the fuse Lead The location of the fuse differ according to the type of AC mains plug (figures A and B).

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