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This evolution kicked off by Interactive Fiction (also known as Text Adventure) is what eventually led to the MMORPG.

Arguably the most modern form of Interactive Fiction is the "Visual Novel" derived from Romance Games, but in general, these stories tend to be much less interactive than the classics were, since they don't have a Text Parser, or even much of an interface.

The tilesets and sprites have been altered to further originate the game.

Essentially, my only goal in life was to be a Queen. I had slept through my studies a lot, but that day I took my defiance a few steps further than ever before.And even when graphical adventure games and RPGs began to appear, text adventures were allowed to be more complex and wide-ranging than the graphical versions due to text taking up far less limited disk space and memory than graphics and sound.Interactive Fiction was once the industry standard for long-form narratives now implemented in computer Role Playing Games, but fell out of commercial viability during the late 1980s as text parsers were rapidly displaced by icon-and-menu and Point-and-Click interfaces.The servant girls love to gossip, and know a lot about what's going on in the castle at each turn of the game.Talk to them or show them your items for helpful hints and tips, however don't think you can rely on them for everything.

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