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If you suspect you, or a friend is facing a mental health challenge seek help.

The sooner a problem is addressed, the more effective the treatment can be. However, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional therapy.

Mahoney, whose own son was molested, says pedophilia has slowly gained acceptance on the Internet, and the days of lone men lurking in IRC channels are over."Now we have forums, websites, Web rings, (consisting of) all admitted pedophiles.

They give virtual high-fives to each other on the Internet," she said.

He called himself Mark and claimed to be 23, and he was nicer to her than anyone she knew offline.

Late at night, when she was done training with her swim team and doing her homework, Katie met Mark online in an AOL chat room for teens.

"It's a much bigger problem than anyone can imagine.

In the olden days, you either had to know the kids, molest your own ...

He was supposed to care about me." does best is paint a picture of the emotional abandonment the author felt after telling her parents and eventually, law enforcement, about her assault."This could ruin a man's life, Katie? " Katie writes, painfully remembering what her mother screamed at her. Paul's School, a boarding school in New Hampshire, Katie says writing about her molestation wasn't the worst part."That's not the part that really gets to me," she said."It's when I first went home and got no support.It brought me to tears to think about how my friends abandoned me ... A 13–year-old still does have responsibility."In March 1998, Kufrovich pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months in jail."That's about typical," Aftab said. Nobody is putting these guys in jail for the time they deserve."Since Kufrovich's sentencing, many more pedophiles have been caught and charged by the FBI, which has a special unit that goes after "travelers," or pedophiles who cross state lines to meet and molest their young Internet friends.In her new memoir, , Katie, now 17, details her life as an unremarkable girl growing up in the wealthy town of New Canaan, Connecticut.Her writing has the unpolished edge of adolescence, a natural device that works well.

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