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Because when it comes down to it, we’re all just humans who want love and social acceptance – and no matter how you identify, this guide will give you the skills to add much more of both in your life.And I’m excited to show you how to do all of that – and much more!And honestly, it’s SO much better to meet someone as you’re simply doing stuff like this and being your natural self as opposed to trying to “save up” all your best outfits, flirting moves, and techniques to attract a guy only when hitting up bars on the weekend. It’s really funny to watch, especially since they don’t know that they’re actually the ones being watched and it’s such a universal pattern.A few examples of “unconventional” places I’ve been asked out by men, just to get the ball rolling on some of the possibilities: • Airplane • Airport bar • Grocery store • Volunteering at an animal shelter • Set of a TV show • Walking down the street • Greeting card aisle of the drug store • Charity event • Starbucks • Work • Bus stop • My high school reunion • My apartment building lobby • Visiting friends out of town • BBQs, picnics, weddings, concerts, birthday parties, any type of gatherings! And because most women aren’t paying attention when they walk into a new place, they totally miss it. Every time you walk into a new setting, take two seconds to look around you and see which men make eye contact with you.Now, let’s go over some of the best places to try out those skills… BUT I do have an answer: good men are everywhere you are! Think about all the errands you run (grocery store, coffee shop, laundromat), your commute to work (bus, train, walking, parking garage, taking the elevator), grabbing food on your lunchbreak at the deli, meeting your aunt for dinner, bringing your dog to the dog park, running a 5K, taking a cooking class…. Whether they’re aware of it or not, single men (and, unfortunately, ones who aren’t happy in their current relationship) have a high tendency to constantly be looking around. I’ll watch a woman walk into a new space (lobby, room, bus, wherever) and within seconds be able to tell which men are single based on how they react.The good, single men you want to connect with are doing these EXACT SAME THINGS! The single ones will not only be looking around, they’ll actually stare much longer – while the (happily) committed guys, even if they looked up to see who this new human in their presence is, will almost immediately go back to whatever they were doing.Let’s be honest, the chance of you reading through this entire 11,000 word guide on your internet browser and actually applying the tips are slim to none.

And this guide will walk you step-by-step through how to do all of it in 3 simple steps: I tried applying just a few of your tips, like smiling and not looking at my phone – and it worked! ” “Aside from dating, your classes have helped me open up to better connections not only with guys but with women as well. Feeling more comfortable around people in general is a great feeling.” After growing up painfully shy and socially awkward, I’ve spent more than a decade pushing past my introverted nature to master the art of meeting, engaging and authentically charming people in the real world.

” or “I’ll save up this massage certificate for when I really, really need it! Life isn’t always about saving for a rainy day – especially when, honestly, it can be cut short any second.

So, permission granted to spray on your best perfume when you head to the grocery store, wear your Saturday night sexy dress to pick up your dry cleaning, and use that massage certificate right now (right, Mom?! When you allow yourself to indulge in the small joys of everyday life – including being open to interacting with people you come across – you’ll start realizing that every time you go out in public you have the chance to meet someone who could change your life.

You do not – repeat, do NOT – need to apply every tip in order to start seeing amazing results.

Start small, find what feels natural to you (and slightly uncomfortable in a good way) and go from there.

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