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The territory had been part of the Frankish empire founded in 800 by Emperor Charles I "Charlemagne" and ruled by his descendants until their extinction in the male line in 911.

The Franks had been only one of a number of tribes living in the area now identified as Germany.

The title attributed in contemporary documentation to the king of Germany was originally rex Francorum or simply rex.

On that occasion, ten representatives were selected from each of the ancient German tribal divisions, Bavaria, Franconia, Saxony and Swabia, on the suggestion of Adalbert Archbishop of Mainz who dominated the proceedings By the mid-12th century, the archbishops of Kln, Mainz and Trier had firmly established themselves as the spiritual representatives in the electoral process. Eike von Repgau, in his compilation of customary law written in the early 1220s, recognised six electors, specifically excluding the king of Bohemia.

An extreme example of the lack of definition is provided by King Alfonso's first election in Mar 1256, in which the Pisans proclaimed him elected "on behalf of all the subjects of the empire".

The first formal statement concerning the number of electors is provided by Richard of Cornwall's submission to the papal enquiry which preceded the Papal Bull Qui Clum dated , which refers to seven electoral princes.

Electoral procedures, the unity of the seven electors, and the right of election by the majority, were laid down definitively in the Golden Bull of 1356, which is described in some detail by Leuschner From the early 12th century, weaker candidates to the kingship in Germany were preferred, the more powerful nobility hoping to avoid the creation of another successful dynasty which would challenge their power.

Nevertheless, the strong personalities of individual kings did at times result in the royal title becoming virtually hereditary within certain families, in particular the Hohenstaufen, Luxembourg and Habsburg dynasties.

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