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(Later issues retconned this to "heavy water vapor", and later to being the result of activating a meta-gene for which the vapor was a catalyst.) He fought a mix of racketeers, saboteurs, normal criminals with a gimmick, aliens, and super-powered villains. Probably to eliminate those unpleasant chemicals from their bodies.Barry was a police scientist, one of the precursors to -style forensics.

Subverting There Are No Therapists, he actually got therapy. Then Mark Waid came on the series, and things took off. Iris returned from the future, with a new speedster in tow; Bart Allen, a.k.a.

Just as he was standing against a rack of multicolored chemicals, a lightning bolt flew through the window, striking the chemicals and causing them to spill all over Barry, leaving him soaked but unharmed.

As he left the lab, he found himself running at super-speed to catch up with a cab, and the Flash was born.

He was far more successful than the majority of DC's characters in the 1940s, however as the Golden Age came to an end Jay left with it.

Flash Comics was cancelled with issue 104 in February 1949.

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