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Failure to do so will result in referral of incident to Owner and Deputies for further action at their sole discretion. Time stamped non-broken, non-selective, consecutive screen shots of cc dialog are always beneficial to help sort facts. Clan Officer will explain which clan rules were broken along with expected acceptable behavior.6.If the matter can not be resolved by a lower ranking Officer it will be referred to Owner or Deputies for appropriate action.(B) Second Conversation With Member:1. Since this is the second intervention by an officer, (5) will be explained again, with greater emphasis on correcting unacceptable behavior.3.(5) If you have multiple accounts, only one of your accounts is permitted as a member of Fealty Stars.You may change to another of your accounts but bear in mind you will lose all accumulated xp and have to start over from the bottom.(6) Behave like mature adults no matter your age.This is a mature and age mature clan which expects appropriate behavior from all members.(7) No divisive behavior such as 'under the radar drama', recruiting for an existing or planned clan amongst our members, pot stirring, overt and excessive attention seeking behavior, or taking any action deemed by Deputies and Owner as undermining clan continuity and/or stability.(8) Participate in clan chat as much as is comfortable for you to do so.When participating in a dangerous activity you may leave cc.You will be contacted in private message by Clan Officer for the purpose of sorting facts.2.You are expected to respond promptly, respectfully to Officer's request for dialog in pm.3.

This provision is used to immediately remove disruptive member(s) who can not be brought under control by normal means of pm dialog, or member whose actions are clearly not in the best interest of Fealty Stars clan as a whole.

(3) Do not give out your phone number to anyone unless you feel you can personally trust the person you're giving it to.

(E) Instant Message Communication: (1) This form of communication is not sanctioned by Jagex, so do not give out your information unless you personally trust the person you're giving it to.

The following are a few examples of the criterion used for emergency kicking: (a) member using cc as their personal soapbox to air grievances about anything bothering them (b) member creates a disturbance with overt or covert clan drama (c) member engaging in a profanity laced rant (d) member being immature to the point of not fitting in with the clan as a whole (e) whining and complaining (g) putting clan members down (h) attempting to recruit FS members for a current clan or a clan being planned. Any officer granted permission to kick on the spot will make a carefully considered judgment call based on all information available relevant to circumstances prior to taking action. Special Circumstances Emergency Kicking is granted to Overseers who find it necessary to use when other higher ranking officers are not online to deal with the issue.(E) When Issues Resolve Themselves:1.

When an issue (disagreement, etc.) has arisen between 2 or more members but which subsequently gets resolved to satisfaction of those members, the incident 'goes away' completely and needs no further intervention by Officers. Administrators are granted permission to remove any guests from clan chat who troll or fit within any category which is disruptive to cc. Kicked guests will be put on ban list to prevent further disruption.(11) Rules Governing All Forms Of Communication (A) Clan Chat: (1) All clan rules apply in Clan Chat to ensure clan members a smooth-flowing, drama- and argument-free place for conversation.

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Clan Core Stats Rules Fealty Stars is a premier 5 year old social clan.

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