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If you are level 100 and own the expansion, all you need to now is how to get there.For that, you could do like I first did and hop from world bell to druid portal to wizard spire to find the way. What: has made a name for itself during its long development as a hardcore old-school indie MMO with a focus on grouping (there’s no solo content at all), corpse runs, and no LFG tool in sight.

Prime members also have complete control over their site’s style sheet. You got a great host service for websites, nice prices for ad free etc.Alternately, you could read the in-game mail that is delivered to every level 100 that tells you to visit any wizard spire. So if you thought the game would kindly tell you where you are with a minimap, you’ve got another thing coming.It makes sense: Travel to a Plane of Magic through a magical wizard portal! expansion launched today, and Massively OP’s MJ just has to explore it. It’s full of fire and lava, and you know that MJ loves fire. As dev Tim “Renfail” Anderson explains today in his latest forum post, he thinks minimaps are bad for MMORPGs as he believes they cause players to not bother to learn (and therefore, recall) specific places in the game world.Explore long lost realms, as their people and cultures vie for power and form alliances, struggling to gain a foothold in an unfamiliar world.Uncover civilizations and awe-inspiring locales that offer incredible adventures for you and your friends to experience.

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