Error updating database

After the scan is complete, check if the issue still appears.If you were unable to run SFC scan before, try running it after DISM scan and check if the problem is resolved.Seeing a database exception when creating the database (MSSQL) from scratch and using version 1.4.5 to populate it.

Keep in mind that you need to restart your PC after enabling set of applications or services.

To find the problematic applications, you need to perform a Clean boot by doing the following: After your PC restarts, check if the issue still appears.

If not, one of the disabled applications or services was causing the issue.

To do that, open Command Prompt as administrator and run DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restore Health command.

Keep in mind that DISM scan can take 20 minutes or more, so try not to interrupt it.

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If Clear is greyed out (or otherwise unavailable), restart your computer and then attempt to update again (before you restart, click here to bookmark this article).

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