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He had to repel the forces of chaos which constantly threatened the order of the world.After his death, the king united with the sun disk and his divine body merged with his creator.The ritual known as the Opening of the Mouth ensured that they would regain control over their senses.Their bodies rest in their tombs until sunrise, when Re is reborn form the underworld in the east.For the damned, the entire, uncontrollable rage of the deity was directed against those who were condemned through their evils.They were tortured in every imaginable way and "destroyed", thus being consigned to nonexistence.After death, they became forever reduced to a state of nonbeing., which was the chaotic state of the cosmos before creation.For them, there is no renewal and no regeneration of life, but only a second, definitive death.

Hence, they have excluded themselves from ma'at, while at the same time revealing themselves as agents of chaos.

Therefore, the Christian, Jewish and Islamic visions of the afterlife are relatively new ones, including their concept of hell.

In fact, hell may very well have been invented by the ancient Egyptians, at least as a public reference.

To put the whole of this more simply, the recorded concept of hell in ancient Egypt predates the recorded concept of hell in our modern religions.

The principal sources for our knowledge of the Egyptian concept of hell are the Books of the Netherworld which are found inscribed on the walls of the royal tombs of the New Kingdom in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes, and then later on papyrus and other funerary objects belonging to commoners.

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Their fate is therefore described in terms similar to those used for earthly adversaries of the king and of Egypt.

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