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I don't think that makes you a spoilt brat - one thing I love about my father is that he spoilt us but he was very good about ensuring that we did not turn into brats who waited for everything to be provided to us. Hmmmm, IMNSHO, my father is a very good man with strong work ethics, morals and puts his family and their wellbeing first.He has been a great dad, tried to understand me (which is no easy feat, even _I_ don't understand me at times :-P) and has always been there for me. Sure, but I'm not looking for a younger version of my dad. Once again, I think that this is another excuse for people to tar people with the same brush - never a good idea. What happens is that women typically decide to have unrealistic expectations.

And it isn't a subconscious thing; a recent i Village poll found the majority of female respondents concurred with the findings.

If she want's a guy her own age who knows as much as her father about looking after women, she's dreaming. kind of a sensitive topic for me when it comes to fathers.

Princess, daddy's girl, high maintenance woman - whatever term you give it, they are essentially the same. i never really liked my father and am ok with that and would be horrified if me or my potential partner were similar at all to mine As a dad I would like to think that I will provide a male role model in my daughters life that will give her the confidence and self esteem necessary to choose someone who will love her for who she is.

when it comes to dating a daddy's girl, men-in-the-know reckon you'd better be prepared for what's in store ... We've all heard of her: she's the gal who puts her father on a pedestal, refuses to date any other men that don't live up to her doting daddy and if the men she dates don't admire, praise, dote and lavish her constantly, they're dumped by the wayside for another poor gent that will succumb to her every whim.

typically spoiled and "bratty," snarls the Urban Dictionary when it comes to defining the archetypal daddy's girl.

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Blokes hoping to court a daddy's girl, it might not be so hard after all. That's right gents: research has proved that women who get along well with their dads tend to date men who resemble their pops.

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