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Maybe I will find that Russian and Ukrainian girls are the same, maybe I will find they are much worse! I would question exactly how you base these European ladies?

Are these ladies who are here on holiday and free from the stress and daily routine and therefore more relaxed and open to new exciting people and opportunites and as they aren't here for long aren't looking for someone to share their life with but someone to have some fun with so their 'demands' would be different.

Not getting to know is the wrost mistake of all, indeed it is, but most of the good looking English girls are taken or not interested...

or not interested in lowering herself to be with someone like you (meaning me)You can only go through that so many times before you give up completely.

.and by the way, my grandmother was polish and I was brought up on a polish diet.

As for old fashioned values.British women have had them wrenched out of us..because we cannot afford to sit at home and bring up men dont damn well earn enough to allow us to do that.^^^My brother has 'old fashioned values'.

One of my parents is from Estonia, but this has no resemblance in my personality or the way I look. Only a person can define what they are, NOT their race, religion or skin colour. I do not slate British women either, if you read my typings I am going by my own observations and not doubt that there are some amazing, wonderful and magnificent British women out there.

But I agree what someone said about the girls from Lithuania, especially , Vilnius, it seems in passing that they are rude and unwelcoming , barmaids , shop girls etc, as they do not smile at strangers or say hello often. i thought that figures I am not saying all European women are perfect, there are still going to be rotten apples out there like there are here. Likewise there are some awful, horrible, arrogant and self righteous European women out there too.

I am willing to bet that there are British women out there who are just as nice as European Women...they are hard to find. There was one who told me straight out, Im looking for a "sponsor" in that she wants a man to pay her way without anything from her in return. Shame really, if you could be her "one" you would be in heaven for the rest of your life Russian woman are my kryptonite lol SJxx I dont slate British women, there just not for me. There are some really stunning English girls out there...

BUT the BIGGEST difference is, you can have a really good laugh/joke with these girls, they don't come back with attitude, or snide comments, or put downs, or one liners, or take every opportunity to slag off men, they're not bitter or twisted, they're just great fun and they appreciate a joke.

They also go for the right sort of men too, they're not looking for the same thing British women want, because they didn't grow up being brainwashed by our society and mostly our TV/media, players just don't stand a chance with these girls....

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Only yesterday I was speaking with my friends about women...

It came out in conversation how I have NEVER been with a British woman.

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