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Once that business was done with, Deadpool couldn't hear nor see Death anymore.

Occasionally, he'd reach a state of near-death good enough to be able to meet with her until he was actually killed.

Around this time, Deadpool was complete human garbage and not only treated her badly, but at one point tried to kill her.

Copycat left him for Garrison Kane, a character who isn't allowed to appear outside of the 1990s without first informing his parole officer.

Her gasp at seeing his face broke him down, but then she coaxed him with her touch and apologized.

From there, Deadpool became infatuated with her and would regularly watch over her when she was asleep.

Deadpool later admitted that he knew it was her and the two rekindled their relationship.

Once things with her team, X-Factor, settled down, she tried to get back with Deadpool, only for Copycat to take Deadpool's form and beat her up, causing her to despise him.

Due to a history between Banshee and Deadpool, Siryn ended up working alongside Wade during an adventure where they battled Juggernaut and Black Tom.

During a fight with Juggernaut, Deadpool's mask came off and he begged Siryn not to look.

It wasn't until AFTER the movie was released when Deadpool even brought that up.

Even then, it was a secondary reason for him to consider killing Sabretooth.

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