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Seriously, though, if I can get a fella hard in the first 15 minutes of our date. When I “accidentally” brush up against his bulge, he then forgets his name along with that mildly niggling concern about the size of my hands and feet.I let him order for me – drinks, appetizer, main course, and dessert – to further lull him into a sense of security and domination over the hot, dumb girl in front of him who will smash that little fucking delusion to pieces in an hour or so.No, it’s not a holiday dessert, but it is delightfully sweet and creamy!With Christmas just a week away, I am reminded of just how much it’s my favorite part of being trans.Confessions of a Devilish Mistress’s Birthday Wish.Of course a confession never actually said, not until all of the intimate moments replay with sheer dread.So if you are bored or want to kill some time online, you should try this.

When I was readying myself to go full-time shemale.

Lucky I was able to work something out with the teacher.

He didn’t tell my parents in exchange for his own private peep show.

Because what I was obsessed with was finding and seducing as many witless men as I could.

My coquettish nature blinding them to the occasional octave drop in my voice or my tiny Adam’s apple.

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