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We introduced On Speed Dating to the NYC market in 2008. “Themed” events based on singles dating “deal-breakers” and 3-minute dates. What we do know is it’s usually instant, and it’s either there or it’s not.

After my experience with speed dating, I figured it’s better to leave people wanting more than wanting to slit their wrists—making 3-minute dates ideal. Are you more likely to hit it off with someone because they fall within a 28-35 age range, or because they meet your height requirement, enjoy the same past times/hobbies as you and perhaps even share your same political views?

” Well, we’re here to answer that question for New Yorkers, like my friend, trying date in the city that never sleeps.

We’ve come up with 11 different ways for New York daters to meet compatible single people and discover romance right around the corner.

Com, I emailed you 5 times and you wouldn’t give me the time of day. This speed dating event was what inspired the creation of my own dating service.

I thought the concept of speed dating was great in the sense that it increased the odds that you would hit it off with someone; however, I still wasn’t meeting the guys I wanted to meet.

Initially we started hosting events somewhat selfishly themed around what we were “into” and looking for.

For me, tall men at our “Size Matters” speed dating event for men 6’1 where we do in fact measure to ensure men aren’t rounding up from 5’10 1/2, “Rescue Me” night for sexy, single firemen, “Date A Democrat”, and seeing as how I’m “into” the audio as much as the visual, “Men With Accents Are Hot”.

A lot of her posts have the same bottom line: “Where do I go to meet a good single man?After ten years of living in NYC I’ve come to realize it is in fact “The City With Everything” where you can have anything at any time…everything that is, excluding a committed relationship.Those are few and far between in my city...definitely not like Starbucks or Ray’s Pizza.So, of course, she moved to New York City the moment she turned 18.Now she lives alone in the Bronx, auditions for every role she can, and hopes to meet an eligible guy who’ll turn her solo act into a duet.

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Ten years ago, a thin 15-year-old girl in my chorus class surprised everyone when she stepped into the spotlight and belted out “Feed the Birds” like a full-grown opera singer.

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