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Many Japanese cities are created with the environment in mind.

While volunteering in Japan, you could help preserve natural open spaces or improve systems for recycling and conservation.

Volunteering abroad in Japan will be an unforgettable experience regardless of the specific volunteer work you do.

That being said, Japanese culture offers a great environment for volunteering in art preservation, environmental research, elderly care, and historic conservation.

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For example, Japan is home to very ancient art forms, which are both enjoyed and respected by locals and are hard to find outside of Japan.While you’ll be able to find western niceties—such as throne style toilets and familiar vegetables—the thought processes that drive Japanese life are very different.With very localized branches of Buddhism and Shintoism, and a high reverence for formality in customer service, you’ll have a rich cultural experience everywhere you go.If you have a desire to explore the Far East, and a love for beauty and formality, then volunteering in Japan is a perfect opportunity for you.The notion of volunteering abroad is far less prominent in Eastern societies, but the needs remain great, which means it will be very easy for international volunteers to find volunteer projects in Japan in most fields.

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In terms of elderly care, Japan has been voted one of the easiest countries to retire in, and volunteers can work one-on-one with individuals in need of assistance.

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