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Hulse and Baywatch babe Gena Lee Nolan were married in 2004, despite athletes with actual talent still openly attracted to her. Josh Booty (less accomplished brother of perennial NFL backup John David Booty)What do seven career hits for the Florida Marlins get these days?

Nolan is still pursuing her career, while Hulse spends his days emailing old high school friends in Edmonton, Alberta asking “Dude, have you seen these pictures of my wife? Apparently, Rachel Reynolds - one of the hottest women ever to get fondled on stage by Bob Barker - and a lifetime of listening to your fiancée explain to people why she’s perfectly happy living with someone who peaked in high school.5.

In 2006, Hank Baskett was passed up 255 straight times in the NFL draft before signing as a rookie free agent with the Minnesota Vikings, and was then promptly traded in a blockbuster deal to the Philadelphia Eagles for Billy Mc Mullen (who may or may not currently work at a local car wash).

Milano featured in her lead part in her first film Hugo Pool, which was released in 1997.

Which turned out great, considering the Eagles cut him to make room for a third-string quarterback who was fresh off a two-year stint in federal prison for extreme animal abuse. Disney will likely put a children’s movie together based on the story.9.

Tim Hasselbeck (five career touchdown passes, 63.6 quarterback rating, and one hell of a receding hairline)Sure, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a horrible shrew with disturbing and dangerous opinions usually reserved for Irish dockworkers or people who brew their own moonshine, but boy does she look good spreading her patented brand of uninformed propaganda every morning.

In 1991, Milano needed to stop acting to seek after a scholarly profession, yet was not able to addition discharge from her agreement.

Rather she auditioned for the lead female part as a homeless youngster in the free film Where the Day Takes You.

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