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According to Hungarian national tradition, their chieftains elected rpd, the most powerful among them, as overall leader.

In 892, Emperor Arnulf enlisted a contingent of Magyars to help suppress his vassal Sviatopluk King of Moravia, not anticipating the longer term implications of his move.

A marriage between persons who are related in this manner is void.

As well as prohibiting marriage between members of lineal decent, the act also prohibits marriage between brothers and sisters, whether fully related, partially related, or related through adoption.

In the last decades of the 4th century, the Ostrogoths migrated into Pannonia from the area north of the Danube and used it as their base from which to launch their onward migration into Italy.

The mythical origins and later history of the Goths is recorded by Jordanes in his mid-6th century Getica.

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